Miknar Machine Inc.


CNC Machining Centres

Toshiba BP-130 R22 Horiz. Boring Mill  (x-140", y-90", z-60")
Toshiba BTD-11 R16 Horiz. Boring Mill  (x-78", y-59", z-57")
Awea SP-3016 Double Column Vert. MC  (x-120.5", y-63", z-30")
OKK MCV-820 Vertical MC   (x-63", y-32", z-28")
Toshiba VMC-85 Vertical MC ( Qty 3)   (x-79", y-34", z-28")
Daewoo ACE-H80 Horiz. MC   (x-49", y-39", z-39")
Toshiba BTD-200QF Horiz. Boring Mill   (x-59", y-47", z-28")
Kitamura MYCENTER H-630 Horiz. MC (x-62", y-49", z-43")
Toshiba BMC-80E Horiz. MC (x-62", y-49", z-43")
Matsuura MC 1000VO Vertical MC (x-40", y-21", z -20")
Toshiba BMC-50E Horiz. MC (x-27", y-24", z-23")
Toshiba BTD-200QF Horiz. Boring Mill (x-59", y-47", z-28")

CNC Lathes

Toshiba TUE-150 Vert. Turning & Boring (79" Swing & Max OD)
OM Vertical TM2-10N Lathe
Doosan S700 Lathe
Stanko IA516M Vertical Lathe   ( 66" Swing )

Manual Machines

Devlieg 4B-72 Jig Mill                Voest DA180 Engine Lathe
First LC-18 Vert. Turret Mill      PBR T600L Lathe
O-M VT1-16  Turret Lathe         Hyd-Mech H-12 Band Saw
Hyd-Mech S-20A Pivot Saw     Kao Ming Radial Arm Drill
Boehringer VDF Lathe               ZJ 23050 Radial Arm Drill    

Programming & Design

Miknar utilizes HSM Works for our programming needs. This along with our CAD drafting software, AutoDesk Inventor and Solidworks, gives us the ability to read, design and interpret our customers requirements throughout their projects.